Hi, I'm Amber Lee Mason, co-editor of DailyWealth Trader.


I've put together this video to say welcome, and thank you for your subscription.


Over the next few months, we're going to show you dozens of unique, profitable trading ideas.


But first, I'd like to explain a little bit about DailyWealth Trader and show you how to get the most out of it. We'll walk through a typical issue, and I'll point out the features you'll see every day. This will only take a few minutes...


Our Goal


Our goal with DailyWealth Trader is to provide the world's best short-term and medium-term trading ideas. They'll usually last anywhere from one to 52 weeks.


With my co-editor, Brian Hunt, I'm going to pull these trades from the best analysts at Stansberry & Associates... from the market's greatest money managers... and from our extensive network of contacts and industry "insiders."


What to Expect


You'll find all sorts of strategies in DailyWealth Trader. And we'll feature trades in many different asset classes.


We might show you how to use naked puts on a recommendation from one of the world's best analysts to generate a 20% annualized return...


We might show you how to leverage a safe stock to generate an income stream of 15% a year...


We might show you a speculation in a "boom and bust" sector – like commodities, biotech, or emerging markets...


We might suggest a low-risk, high-upside trade we turned up with our "common sense" technical analysis...


Or we might teach you how to "time" value-focused, contrarian ideas for maximum gains...


We like to say we're "mercenaries" in DailyWealth Trader. We'll go wherever the market will pay us.


Your Daily Issue


Every day the market is open, we'll e-mail you your DailyWealth Trader issue around 10:30 a.m. Eastern time.


It'll look like this.


The first thing you'll see is a brief write-up of the day's opportunity.


Keep in mind, we won't necessarily send you a new trade recommendation each day. How many new trades we feature will depend on the market. But you'll receive insight and actionable advice in every issue.


Included in every issue is the "Stats Box."


Inside, you'll find a quick summary of the trade and our exit guidelines. You'll also see other helpful information... including the potential return... the trade's timeline... the minimum investment we recommend... and a general sense of how much risk we see in the trade, provided you follow our exit guidelines.


Below the main write-up, you'll find our "Trading Notes."


In this section, we'll bring you news and updates on our recommended trades.


Next you'll find the "Training Center."


In the Training Center, we'll offer links to more information about the day's trade or idea... educational materials that will provide step-by-step instructions for making a trade... and anything else we think will add value for you.


Below that, you'll find a "Question and Answer" section.


If you have a question about a trade or strategy, you can email us at dwt@stansberryresearch.com. We can't answer everyone's questions… and we can't answer questions about your specific situation. But this is a tremendous resource, especially if you're new to trading.


Finally, at the end of each issue, you'll find our "Top Open Trades."


Here, you'll find links to past trades that you can still take advantage of.


Tracking Your Trades


One thing you won't find is a portfolio. DailyWealth Trader isn't your typical trading service. It's an "idea generator." We aren't assuming you'll put on every trade we write about... or even make the exact trade we write about. So it's up to you to keep track of the trades you make and follow your own risk-management strategies.


That doesn't mean we're not thinking about how these trades will work in the "real world." We're tracking the ideas ourselves, and you'll find updates in the "Trading Notes" section.


To help you keep track of your trades, we've created the Trade Record. It's a simple form you can print and fill out by hand. It won't take you more than five minutes... But it could revolutionize the way you trade.


You'll find the Trade Record – and quick instructions on how to use it – online at www.dailywealth.com/trader.


Our Website


Once you log in, you'll find the latest issue.


Along the top, you'll see links to our Welcome material (including this letter), the DailyWealth Trader Archive, Frequently Asked Questions, the Training Center (which includes the Trade Record and helpful educational material), and our Contact page.


That's pretty much all you need to know to get started with DailyWealth Trader.


If You Have Questions


If you have any questions or comments, you can contact us at dwt@stansberryresearch.com.


If you see us make an error, please let us know. And please let us know when we've done a good job. We love to hear about what our subscribers are learning… and the money you're making.


If you have a question about your subscription, our college-educated, professionally trained customer service staff can help. Get in touch with them at info@stansberrycustomerservice.com or call 888-261-2693, Monday through Friday, nine to five Eastern time.


And that's it…


Thanks again for your subscription. We hope this is the start of a long and profitable relationship.




Amber Lee Mason and Brian Hunt

Co-editors, DailyWealth Trader


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