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The 'Countdown' for Stocks Has Finally Started

This past Wednesday marks the first time this yield curve has inverted since before the 2008-2009 financial crisis. According to history, the "clock" is now ticking.

This Gold 'Frenzy' Has Reached a 52-Year Extreme

This trend has been developing for the better part of the past year... And now, it has hit a level we've only seen one other time in history... I'm talking about global central banks hoarding more and more gold...

The Hong Kong Protests Will Give Way to Opportunity

While these protests are unprecedented, Hong Kong is acquainted with political turmoil. And the results of these scuffles might surprise you...

This Worldwide Shift Is a Major Bullish Sign for Gold

The developed world's three largest central banks have all suggested that monetary stimulus is coming. Today, we'll share our thoughts on all that's happening, especially as it relates to stocks and gold...

This Investment Offers Certainty in an Uncertain World

Stocks are still near all-time highs. Unemployment is at record lows. And the economy is doing well. But Morgan Stanley's downgrade of global stock holdings basically means "get the heck out!"

This Is China's Antidote to Trump's Trade-War Venom

China is developing a potent antidote to Trump's trade war. And despite trade tensions, China's antidote could cause billions of dollars to flow into Chinese stocks...

The Biggest Reasons to Hold Cash and Gold Today

Unfortunately, when we consider the evidence – a "panic" into the government bond market, spreading yield curve inversion, foreign currency and commodity weakness, and a relentless rally in gold – we can't help but reach an uncomfortable conclusion...

Two Reasons to Value the Dark Side of Stocks

Most people don't like the idea of short-selling – betting that a stock will fall. You might feel uncomfortable with it... But shorting stocks is a valuable skill with two key benefits.

A Worrying Sign for This Bull Market

I'm no perma-bull. I know this bull market will end... and that it could happen soon. In fact, one indicator makes me cautious today...

This 'Coffee Can' Trick Could Help You Get Rich in Stocks

Specifically, we employ a "venture capitalist" mindset, where "coffee-can knowledge" is especially important...

It's Time to Get OUT of Naspers and Into This Company

The backdoor way into one of my favorite investments will soon be even better. It's the last chance to buy one of the world's best businesses at a major discount.

The Fed Just Created a Major Tailwind for Gold

Gold just hit a six-year high. Is it time to sell? In short, no...

Why '5G' Will Unleash the Market's Next Trillion-Dollar Winners

Just as the businesses of Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google can't function without the Internet, the next generation of world-changing, $1 trillion mega winners can't survive without the subject of today's essay.

A 'Perfect Storm' Is Coming for This Dominant Industry

If you understand what's about to happen in today's industry, you could make a tremendous amount of money in a short time. What's coming is going to be that powerful and that fast...

Money Flows to Where It's Treated Best – and That's the U.S.

Financial markets are complex. You can simplify the complex system into an easy-to-understand idea, though. And when you look at the world through that lens, you see an overarching truth that explains why things happen...