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Another Reason to Love Precious Metals in 2019

Based on history, gold could actually underperform another precious metal this year...

How to Develop Expert-Level Intuition as an Investor

When your intuition has been trained to steer you in the right direction, it means you can "trust your gut" and lean into it... reinforcing your odds of investment success.

This Ain't the Peak. Here's Exactly Why...

I think most people will feel more comfortable siding with the bears... But I believe the stock market is headed much higher from here. And while sitting on your hands might feel safer, you will most likely miss out on some incredible gains as we approach the final top...

This Powerful Market Driver Could Soon Disappear

Have we reached a "tipping point?"

If You Fail the 'Two Stocks' Test, Try This Strategy Instead

It's a nearly universal impulse... but it's a terrible investing choice.

The Housing Boom Isn't Over Yet

You make the most money in opportunities where perception differs from reality. We have that situation in the U.S. housing market today.

How to Beat the Most Dangerous Investing Bias

Cognitive biases – irrational tendencies built into the brain – can be hazardous to your wealth. The good news is, you can beat confirmation bias – or at least safeguard against it – by always taking one simple step.

Why We Aren't at the Bottom in Oil Prices – Yet

Bets on higher oil prices have fallen to a multiyear low. And while that might seem like the kind of contrarian buying opportunity we look for, history says the bottom in oil isn't here just yet.

This 2018 Loser Is Set to Soar in 2019

It's always worth paying attention to rare momentum events. They generally kick off longer-term moves higher. And history says that's likely the case with these stocks right now...

Why This Popular Tech Stock Is Down 50% Since October

Situations where the odds of success are clearly stacked in your favor remain few and far between today...

The Bull-or-Bear Outlook for 2019 Could Hinge on China

If you're asking what's in store for stocks this year, there are two possibilities. What might surprise you is this: A big potential catalyst for either scenario is not the United States... but China...

One Reason the Stock Market Rally Isn't Over Yet

A recent trigger means billions of dollars will soon go "long" stocks. And this huge flow of cash should ensure the recent rally in stocks isn't over yet...

Are You Bullish, Bearish, or Confused?

Stocks, bonds, gold, cash... What do you expect to happen in the short term? What could go wrong? How wrong? What should and could happen over the intermediate term... and the long term? Your expectations should guide your trading behavior.

The Biggest Way Investors Screw Up... And How to Avoid It

A great trade is made up of two things... a great buy and a great sell. The biggest thing investors screw up is only worrying about the buy. But you can solve this problem with a simple step...

'Mr. X' Sees Extreme Fear... and Extreme Opportunity

It's not the particular hand you have that matters... It's not even how you bet on that hand that matters. What matters is outmaneuvering what the other guy is thinking about your thinking – and making money from that.

Eight Simple Steps to 'Foolproof' Your Portfolio

This weekend, we're sharing a timeless essay from our good friend, TradeSmith CEO and founder Dr. Richard Smith. In it, Richard talks about something he ultimately figured out about investing and shares several steps you can take to gain more control over your portfolio...

Boost Your Odds of Investment Success With This Simple Technique

This incredibly useful technique is called the "premortem." It's related to the better-known concept of a "postmortem," but it comes with a few important twists...