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A Simple Lesson on Selecting Winning Stocks

Today, I'll tell you one key piece of information that you need to know before committing to any stock. It's a powerful way to pinpoint which stocks you want to own over the long term. And it's easy to overlook...

Don't Fear This Bear Market Indicator

According to one measure by Goldman Sachs, our chances of a bear market are now at multidecade highs. But instead of taking it at face value, I dug into Goldman's index to learn more about what this reading might mean. The results might surprise you...

How to Earn an Outsized Return on 'Other People's' Capital

My friend was getting nervous... And I should have seen it coming.

The Best 12 Months for Stocks Starts Soon

Making individual investment decisions based on your political beliefs clouds your judgment and makes it hard to see mistakes. Still, that doesn't mean we can't learn anything about the markets from politics. In fact, it gives us one of the most impressive market indicators out there.

Ignore Your Gut. Triple-Digit Gains Are Possible...

Stepping up and making the right move now could mean huge profits as the "Melt Up" plays out.

A Major Warning From One of Our Most Reliable Indicators

One indicator has proven to be an incredibly powerful and accurate predictor of stock market corrections and bear markets. And this week, it officially issued a new correction warning for just the ninth time in the past 25 years...

Why You Don't Need to Predict the Exact Peak in Stocks

We're big believers in the old market saying: The trend is your friend. And we're not alone...

The 'Plunge-Protection Team' Arrives in China

The entire Chinese stock market soared 155% in less than one year... ending on June 12, 2015 – only three years ago. That's an incredible return... But I expect we will see similarly incredible returns in China again soon.

Why You Should Invest for 'All-Weather Protection' Today

"If stocks drop 30%... is your portfolio going to be OK?"

This Is What's Working in the Market – Buy It Now

One chunk of the U.S. market is "working" better than anything else right now. And I urge you to own it today...

New Highs in Stocks... Let's See What's Next

Last month, stocks broke out to new all-time highs. The bull market is officially back on track.

Your Kids' Favorite Pastime Is Becoming Big Business

The average person doesn't have the skills required to be a professional in this field, nor does he know how to easily invest... but investors can make money from this trend.

The One Question You Must Ask Before Buying a 'Penny Bond'

Today, I'll explain how this "penny bond" strategy works – and why a major crisis on the horizon is handing us the perfect opportunity to start using it...

Double-Digit Upside Potential in This Hated Asset

Today, I'll share one of the most contrarian opportunities in the world right now. It might seem a bit crazy. But if you act now, you have a chance to earn double-digit profits with little risk...

Three Investing Tips for When the Yield Curve Goes 'Flat'

As the Fed continues to jack up short-term rates, eventually the yield curve will invert... and then we know it's only a matter of time before a recession starts.

This Trade Has a 95% Win Rate Since 1991

Not many trading systems have led to winning trades 95% of the time since 1991. And not many have beaten their benchmark over three-, six-, and 12-month periods, on average. But the incredibly "dumb" system I'll share with you today has done exactly that.

This Group of Companies Will Survive the Next Market Crash

We have also consistently urged readers to stay long stocks (while properly managing risk, of course). However, we have been extremely bearish in one particular area of the market for several years now.