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You Gotta Be Big

A frenzy has hit our economy. And today, bigger is actually better...

Two Reasons the U.S. Isn't Headed for Recession

A lot of folks are worried about the next "Melt Down" in stocks. The bull market is nearly a decade old. Combined with the fall in stocks last week, a lot of folks are expecting the worst...

I'm Still Not Worried About the Melt Down

Folks have been fearful of the "Melt Down" for years. They've used every fall in stocks to push the idea that the next "big one" was here. And you shouldn't buy into the fear.

One Reason the Market Rout Will End Soon

The dumb money is panicking, but the smart money is as bullish as it's been in years. History says this is a fantastic time to put money to work in stocks...

All Successful Traders Follow This Simple Rule

Proper position sizing is one of the key tenets to successful investing over the long term. Today, we're sharing an essay from Dr. David "Doc" Eifrig in which he explains how to put this idea to work...

Exactly What to Do With Your Money Today

If you're thinking about getting on board an exciting, speculative opportunity like bitcoin, then you need to read this. It could make the difference between a life of incredible wealth, or crushing debt...

We Have 31% Upside Potential in This Global Juggernaut

Market sell-offs do have a silver lining... If you're able to dig down and find the courage to act, you can quickly earn big returns.

A New Way to Trade Our Best Ideas

I'm no longer "competing" against Steve and Porter. Instead, I'm relying on them for fantastic stock recommendations and research.

This Group of Stocks Is a 'Top Buy' for 2019

The crazy thing is, the U.S. isn't even one of the better values in the world today...

How to Become a Stock Market 'Magician'

When we've got a good stock idea, we can bet on it moving in such a way that we make big gains with a better win rate than straight-up stock purchases...