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The Best Days of the Melt Up Are Coming

If you're waiting on the sidelines for a buying opportunity, chances are, you'll miss the good days. And as you probably know, you REALLY don't want to miss out on the good days in the markets...

This Corner of the Market Could Boom, Thanks to the Recent Bust

The recent downturn has spooked many investors. But history says hitting the "sell" button now would be a mistake...

Why It's Not Time to Quit on Steve's 'Melt Up' Thesis

Time and time again, we've seen investors get greedy and euphoric right before the bubble bursts.

This Signal Says We'll See All-Time Highs in Three Months

Today, we'll show you the recent extreme and what it could mean for stocks in the weeks and months ahead.

Big Upside After Last Week's Rare Market Sell-Off

A string of consecutive up or down days usually points to an acceleration in the overall trend. That means when we see lots of down days, it usually signals more pain ahead. But that's not always what happens...

Why You Should Keep Buying Stocks (For Now)

The same economic forces that are propelling our stock market and economy higher and higher will eventually lead us into a spectacular bust.

Panic Time? No. Expect FIVE Corrections in the Melt Up

Moves like this don't happen all the time. Or do they? Actually, they do – even in the final 12 months of a stock market "Melt Up."

The Secret Nobody Wants to Hear About Stocks

Everyone knows that stocks have gone up for almost 10 years now – without a losing year. So it would be crazy for stocks to be cheap today, right? Today, I'll tell you a secret nobody wants to hear: It's not crazy at all...

The No. 1 Question on Everyone's Mind Right Now

We asked Steve for his thoughts on the market's recent action... In short, he isn't changing his tune. He still believes we're going to see a "Melt Up" in stocks before this historic bull market finally ends.

Have You Been Suckered by Lying Management?

Management usually won't do what stockholders want... or even what is in their best interests. However, you can still own businesses in a way that won't make a sucker out of you. You just have to know what to look for...

Nerd Shocker: Stocks Are UNDERVALUED

If you have heard experts say things like, "Stocks have to crash soon because of the CAPE ratio," then I urge you to read on. I have a revelation about this for you today...

The Top of the Market? Not Yet

Everyone wants to know, when will this bull market end? Have we seen a top in stocks yet?

Don't Be the Fool Today That I Was Back Then

This could be the difference between making a lot of money... and missing out.

If 'God' Were Your Money Manager

Dr. Wes Gray shocked the crowd last week at our Stansberry Conference in Las Vegas... pretending to call out God as a seemingly bad investor. Now, Wes might not know as much as God about investing... But he knows what works in investing better than just about anyone.

One of the Most Important Opportunities of My Lifetime

Great investors tend to prioritize reducing risk and avoiding loss over making money. First, though, we must examine two enormous sources of risk that you need to avoid today...

How (and When) to Be a Pig

"It's the one thing all the best money managers do..."

Investors Flee the Top Gold Fund

If you're looking for the most "hated" investment in the world today, gold is near the top of the list...

The No. 1 Metric Facebook Investors Must Watch

Big shake-ups tend to have something in common. Today, I would like to reveal it to you...

A Decade Low in Housing Affordability Won't Kill the Real Estate Boom

Today, housing affordability is at a decade low. But as I'll show, that doesn't mean the boom is dead.

Consumer Confidence Hits an 18-Year High

Consumer confidence just hit its highest level since 2000. So is that good or bad for stocks? The answer isn't obvious. It's a bit of both.