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The Legal Cannabis Market Is Spreading... Here's What It Means

I'll share one of the biggest reasons full legalization in the U.S. is only a matter of time, and what it could mean for cannabis stocks...

The '4-2-1 Problem' and What It Means for Investors

This is THE biggest problem facing the world's second-largest economy...

It's Finally Time to Get Into One of This Year's Hottest Industries

In this piece, my colleague Dr. David Eifrig shares a key reason he believes the cannabis boom is here to stay. Plus, if you are interested in these investments, you'll find details about an upcoming event you won't want to miss...

Why U.S. Stocks Could Rally Double Digits From Here

We experienced the best January for equities in 30 years. February led to more of the same. But that doesn't mean the rally is over...

U.S. Stocks Are as Healthy as Ever... Seriously

Some folks assume the market can't be in a better spot after a rally than it was before it began. This thinking may seem to make sense... But it's wrong...

The Dark Secret That Your 'Rich' Neighbors Are Hiding

Most people would call Tom and Kate "rich"... But this married couple of 20 years is just a step away from financial disaster.

The Best and Brightest Just Gave Up on Commodities... And I'm More Bullish Than Ever

The best and brightest are getting out of commodities once again. And that means we could be near the start of a major move higher.

Let This Investing Approach Guide You in the Next Big Shift

If you have the patience and discipline, I'd suggest one set of tools in particular – one that's perfect for the next big shift in the markets...

If You're Not Getting the Results You Want, Ask Yourself These Two Questions

Coaches in sports at every level come and go all the time. Much of their failure can be traced to a single root cause: The system that worked well for them in the past simply didn't translate into success for their latest team.

We See Double-Digit Upside Potential in U.S. Stocks Right Now

"Buy low and sell high" sounds routine... like a no-nonsense formula anyone can follow. But investing doesn't usually work that way.

Banks Will Win, Thanks to This New Fed Policy

It's no secret that the Federal Reserve has been a major driver of this historic bull market... Now, the Fed is out with a new policy. Importantly, this latest change is good news for the market. And the big winner should be the banking sector...

Two Things Every Investor Should Be Doing Today

In today's Weekend Edition, our colleague Dan Ferris explores lessons from a legendary investor that will help protect investors from the eventual market downturn...

The Stock Boom Is Now 10 Years Old... What Next?

Looking at the average lifespan of a stock boom or an economic expansion is not a particularly useful yardstick for how much longer these booms can run. There is no expiration date. Instead, you have to simply assess where you are at that moment in time...

Hands Down, the Best Way to Make a Fortune in the Stock Market

You ought to know something else about value investing... You need to start doing it BEFORE the bull market ends.

How to Profit From the Investing Shift of the Decade

The shift I'm talking about will bankrupt many investors who've made gobs of money during this historic bull market over the past 10 years... and make millionaires out of a totally different type of investor.

The 'Correction Hangover' Is Starting to Turn Around

Folks are still holding lots of cash. But this could be starting to change... And that's one more reason we should expect the recent rally to continue.

This 'Early Warning' Indicator Says the Rally Has Legs

One of my favorite indicators says the recent rally is healthy. And that means more gains are likely from here...

A Shocking Statistic About the Average American Household

The good times won't last forever. At some point, the next storm will arrive. And as our colleague Bill McGilton explains in today's Weekend Edition, the problems are already all around us...

An Invaluable Investing Lesson From My Friend the 'Guru'

Let me show you how the "Guru" imparted this lesson on sell-discipline through the following real-world story...