A Lifetime After the War, All Eyes Are Back on Vietnam

Peter Mathews had orders. He was supposed to turn in any war documents he found on the battlefield.

But when he spotted the diary, he knew he wouldn't be able to comply...

It was November 1967 in South Vietnam. One of the war's bloodiest battles had just ripped through Dak To, a region in the central highlands. And Peter's cavalry division had been sent to comb through the aftermath.

He noticed the slim brown volume inside an abandoned North Vietnamese backpack. And as he flipped through its contents, he found page after page of beautiful art, calligraphy, and what appeared to be Vietnamese poetry. Take a look...

Peter thought the book was too beautiful to give away. So he hid it instead. He took the diary home to America... and kept it to himself for almost 57 years.

But earlier this year, nearly six decades later, Peter made things right.

He tracked down the family of the fallen soldier, a man named Cao Van Tuat. And in March, Peter went back to Vietnam to give the book to the soldier's family.

The return of Cao Van Tuat's diary reflects a transformation of Vietnam itself. The country has moved from a war-torn past to a peaceful present... And today, it's stepping into the spotlight as a key global player.

The world is waking up to new potential in Vietnam. And that could mean big things for the nation's stock market...

Six months after Peter's journey, President Joe Biden traveled to Hanoi to meet with Vietnam's General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong.

During this historic meeting, the two announced an upgrade to Vietnamese and U.S. diplomacy... elevating Vietnam to America's "Comprehensive Strategic Partner."

This means both countries will seek to grow their technological and economic cooperation. (For reference, some of the U.S.'s other Comprehensive Strategic Partners include Australia and India.)

But America isn't the only country that's courting Vietnam... Japan and China have also upgraded their diplomatic policies with Vietnam since late November.

In short, the political world is rushing to make inroads with Vietnam. And that's incredibly bullish for the country's market going forward.

But it's not just politicians who are courting the nation. The corporate world is, too...

Jensen Huang is the CEO of Nvidia (NVDA) – America's fifth-largest company and the big winner of this year's artificial-intelligence ("AI") boom. Huang is about as bullish on Vietnam as it gets...

During Huang's recent visit, he called Vietnam "Nvidia's second homeland" and spoke about plans to build a new Nvidia headquarters there.

The Vietnamese government put out a statement highlighting Nvidia's proposal...

The base will be for attracting talent from around the world to contribute to the development of Vietnam's semiconductor ecosystem and digitalization.

Nvidia has already invested $250 million in Vietnam so far... but that's a drop in the bucket compared with what's to come.

Vietnam is rapidly becoming a key player in geopolitics. And it will soon become a key player in AI and semiconductors.

Two exchange-traded funds provide broad-based exposure to Vietnam: the VanEck Vietnam Fund (VNM) and the Global X MSCI Vietnam Fund (VNAM). Both funds track Vietnamese stocks. And they're both a great way to own the market.

Vietnam is stepping into a future defined by global partnerships and technological innovation. It's poised to become a major financial story in the coming years... And that's why this market deserves your attention today.

Good investing,

Sean Michael Cummings

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