How to Buy China – At a Huge Discount
I love it when I can find a way to buy a dollar for 80 cents as an investor...
When I'm certain the deal is legit, I get fired up. Making money is hard. Free money like that is nice.
Discounts like this are hard to find in the stock market, though...
That's because the market is pretty darn "efficient." Whenever a too-good-to-be-true opportunity pops up, it soon evaporates as investors take advantage of it. It often happens quicker than you can imagine.
But one of these opportunities has just popped up for us...
And it just so happens to be a fund that invests in my favorite opportunity for the next five years...
This fund is a unique type, called a "closed-end fund."
Closed-end funds are interesting to me for one unique reason – they can trade at big discounts (or premiums) to their liquidation values.
Typically, closed-end funds trade at a small discount to their liquidation values. Those small discounts are not enough to get me interested.
I do get interested when those discounts get big... and when I'm interested in the fund's objective.
We have that situation today – with the Morgan Stanley China A Share Fund (CAF).
Today, this fund trades at the largest discount to liquidation value of all closed-end funds valued at $200 million or more.
More than 300 closed-end funds have market values that high. And right now, this one particular fund is trading at the largest discount of all of them.
As I write, the Morgan Stanley China A Share Fund trades at a 16%-plus discount to its liquidation value.
I'm a buyer whenever the discount is greater than 15%. And I'm a seller whenever the discount narrows dramatically, like it did over the summer (when index-provider MSCI announced it will include Chinese A-shares in its major indexes).
The easiest free way to track (and screen) for closed-end funds trading at a discount is at To track this fund, type "CAF" in the box at the top right, and you can see the discount and its history.
Chinese A-shares are my top investing idea for the next five years. China is the world's second-largest economy and second-largest stock market... Yet until recently, its locally traded A-shares were completely left out of MSCI's major indexes.
Thanks to MSCI's decision last summer and other developments in China, I believe more than $1 trillion will flow into Chinese stocks during the coming years.
CAF gives you a way to get in on this idea, at a 16% discount. Check it out...
Good investing,
Market Notes


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