One Booming Tech Giant Is About to Get a Lot Bigger

Apple is one of the largest companies in the world... But until recently, it had become one of the worst performers of the major tech giants.

You see, Apple hadn't hit a single new all-time high in 2024. By April, it was down as much as 17% from its highs last year.

Now, that pain has turned around in a big way...

The stock has skyrocketed more than 25% since the April low. The rally culminated in a 10% gain in just two days.

This kind of quick, two-day explosion is rare for this stock. And according to history, it could lead to a massive 74% gain over the next year...

Apple won investors over at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this month. This annual event brings together thousands of Apple employees and vendors who work with the company.

At this year's gathering, Apple announced a barrage of new features for the upcoming iPhone. Most important, the company jumped into the ring of artificial intelligence ("AI") by sharing several AI functions that will be coming to iPhones.

The market's reaction was huge. Apple shares jumped more than 10% in two days. And that pushed the stock to a new all-time high. Take a look...

After a tough start to the year, Apple shareholders finally have a reason to celebrate...

The stock is back in an uptrend. It has been hitting new highs again. And according to history, this strong performance should continue.

Again, it's rare for Apple to stage a two-day rally like this. We've only seen nine similar setups over the past two decades... And the company's shares have a history of soaring after they appear. Check it out...

It's hard to undersell Apple's success over the past 20 years. The stock compounded at an almost unbelievable 35% a year over that time frame using a typical buy-and-hold strategy. That's enough to turn $10,000 into more than $4 million.

Still, you can do even better if you buy at the right times. And buying after a two-day, double-digit rally is the time to act.

Similar setups led to 22.3% gains in six months and 74.2% gains in a year. These are outstanding returns in their own right... And they represent incredible outperformance.

Plus, shares were higher a year later 100% of the time. The stock jumped 50%-plus more than half the time. And the largest one-year gain was a staggering 147%.

Now, I don't expect shares to double over the next year. A return like that is more difficult to achieve when a company is already worth more than $3 trillion. But this situation is clear...

This kind of quick boom means good things are coming for Apple. So if you've given up on the stock after a rough start to 2024, now is the time to reconsider.

Good investing,

Brett Eversole

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