Two Steps to Choosing the Best Stocks... in Any Market Environment

If you're nervous about the stock market right now – or if you're wondering where to put your money to work – I want to share something with you.

It's a strategy that can help you find profits in any market environment.

Is the market going up? Great. Is the market going sideways? No problem.

Is the market in a downtrend, with fear and worries rising? Still not a problem.

This strategy can deliver results in any market environment. And it isn't geared to any specific sector or industry... It points to where opportunity exists in the moment.

Today, I'll tell you how it works. And I'll use it to show you a corner of the market with major profit potential right now...

You've probably heard the saying that "bull markets climb a wall of worry." Well, the same thing is true of individual stocks.

When a stock has a higher current volatility than its historical average, it's an indication that there is extra "worry" built up in the stock.

When that same stock starts a new uptrend, that extra worry will act like rocket fuel, propelling prices even higher.

Our strategy is as simple as that. We look for stocks that 1) have a higher current volatility than their long-term average, and 2) are beginning an uptrend.

Again, it's not just the increased volatility by itself that is the positive sign. It's the increased volatility AND the existence of a solid uptrend...

Think about the concept of kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is the work required to accelerate an object from a state of rest up to a given velocity. For example, a professional baseball pitcher converts chemical energy from his body into kinetic energy in order to get that baseball up to 95 mph.

I think about this strategy in a similar way. The higher-than-average volatility, or the "extra worry," is like kinetic energy that can accelerate prices higher.

That's why I've started to refer to this strategy as the "Kinetic VQ" strategy.

We recently ran a screen for this Kinetic VQ strategy – which uses our proprietary "volatility quotient" as a way of measuring worry – to see which stocks fit our two criteria today.

The results came back with a focus on energy stocks.

Energy stocks look great right now on multiple fronts. Global demand for natural gas is rising... And crude oil prices are rising as well, due to geopolitical tensions and supply cutbacks.

But one of the most powerful reasons we're interested in energy stocks right now is due to our Kinetic VQ strategy.

We can see this in action with Oneok (OKE), a company that processes, stores, and transports natural gas in the United States.

As you can see below, this stock has recently broken out to multiyear highs. New multiyear highs can be an intimidating – even risky – buy point for many investors. But they can also be one of the best times to buy, if a major new uptrend is getting underway...


What gives me even more confidence that OKE could continue higher from here is the fact that its current volatility score is about 35% higher than its average, based on our proprietary tools.

This stock is in an uptrend. And it still has plenty of "worry" left to fuel even higher prices.

As I mentioned, this Kinetic VQ strategy does not favor any particular area of the market. It just goes to where the potential profits are.

It is pointing toward energy stocks right now because that's where the opportunity is today. But if the situation shifts next month and more opportunity arises in, say, utilities or homebuilders or semiconductors, then no problem. Our criteria will point us in that direction.

This strategy is designed to help you find the most attractive areas of the market... regardless of what the overall market is doing. And right now, it says energy stocks are a great place to put new money to work.


Richard Smith

Editor's note: Remember, bull markets climb a "wall of worry." Investors looking to profit from the final "Melt Up" will face fear and doubt along the way. That's why Richard is joining us for a special event... He's sharing how to tell the difference – early on – between a dip, a correction, and a full-blown crash.

This discussion is free to attend... And it could be critical to your investing results. Be sure to tune in tomorrow night at 8 p.m. Eastern time. You can sign up right here.

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