Your First Look at My Next Big Idea

"Little-known Tencent will become the world's largest company within five years."

I made that bold prediction in 2016 at our Stansberry Conference.

Most U.S. investors had never heard of Tencent (TCEHY) back then... But today, Tencent is the fifth-largest company in the world – ahead of Facebook (FB).

Even if my prediction doesn't quite come true within five years of that speech, it was still a bold, profitable call. Investors who took me up on that big idea made a lot of money – triple-digit gains.

Now, I'm sharing how you can get the first look at my next big idea. Let me explain...

At the same conference a year earlier, I unveiled my "Melt Up" thesis for the first time... the idea that stocks would truly soar to unbelievable heights before this bull market was over.

It seemed like a crazy idea... Stocks had already boomed for six years. And the market was in the middle of a correction when I spoke.

The idea of a stock market Melt Up has driven my investment script since. And the idea's gone a bit viral in the mainstream media. Investors who took my advice at that 2015 conference would have made huge gains.

At the 2017 Conference, I had another big prediction...

I told the audience when the Melt Up would end.

The short answer is that we aren't there yet. The run-up in stocks can still continue. But a Federal Reserve-induced crash is likely in 2019 or 2020.

So far, so good. No crash yet.

So, what do I have in store as my big idea for the 2018 Conference?

I can't tell you today... You already know why. I save my biggest idea of the year for the attendees of this conference.

But you can join me this October in Las Vegas so you can hear my big idea for 2018 in real time.

I'm not the only one speaking, of course...

You'll also hear from our founder Porter Stansberry... along with Steve Forbes (editor in chief of Forbes magazine), Dennis Gartman (editor of The Gartman Letter), and investment-newsletter legend Jim Grant (founder of Grant's Interest Rate Observer).

And that's just to name a few.

I'm biased, of course, but I think it's the best investment event you can attend!

I hope to see you there...

Good investing,


P.S. One of my favorite benefits of this conference is the chance to chat with readers. We'll be opening ticket sales soon. Keep watching your inbox for updates on how to get in on this event... And if you make it to Vegas, flag me down and say hi.

Further Reading:

Ever since the 2015 Stansberry Conference, Steve has been urging folks to get in on his "Melt Up" thesis. To read more about his predictions for the end of this bull market, check out his essay right here: All Right, Mr. 'Melt Up'... So When Does It End?

As we mentioned, investment-newsletter legend Jim Grant will be among the speakers at this year's conference. The value of his insights is renowned in the investing world. You can read some of his most timeless advice right here: 'Never Stand in Line to Buy Anything,' and Other Contrarian Investing Lessons.

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Market Notes


Today, we look at a company that's leading the trend toward healthier habits...

Year after year, Americans are consuming less soda. Some U.S. cities have even begun passing "sugar taxes" on soft drinks, aimed at curbing rates of obesity and diabetes. But people aren't cutting out fizzy drinks completely... They're just turning to healthier, cheaper alternatives.

For proof, we'll revisit SodaStream (SODA). Its kitchen appliances turn tap water into sparkling water with the touch of a button. The $2 billion company also markets dozens of flavor mixes to health-conscious consumers... from naturally sweetened lemonade to energy drinks that cut out high-fructose corn syrup. SodaStream provides around 1.5 billion liters of carbonated water annually to millions of homes worldwide. And this trend toward conscious consuming is paying off. The company's annual revenue increased 14% to $543 million in 2017.

Along with sales, the stock price has jumped, too. It's up by more than 90% over the last year... and recently hit an all-time high. As consumers abandon sugary drinks for cheaper, healthier alternatives, shares of SODA will continue to climb...