Gold Is Up Big... But the Gains Aren't Over Yet

I've spent the past few months writing about my favorite "chaos hedge"...

This asset has already shot up 19% since the beginning of November.

I'm not going to stop writing about it, though. The gains are far from over. There's more to come.

Today, I want to share with you why my team and I are bullish on gold... and why it may end up being the best-performing asset of 2023...

I first wrote about this gold rally in my Health & Wealth Bulletin on November 16. I noted that many gold bugs had lost hope in the precious metal because it had failed them as inflation protection.

The price of gold was roughly flat in 2022... when stocks were down nearly 20%. It did better than the market, but that's not what gold investors have come to expect. Gold has historically posted big gains when stocks were in bear markets.

Because of this, investors abandoned gold. Here's what we wrote in November...

We know gold is hated because no one is dumping money into the precious metal.

In fact, global gold exchange-traded funds ("ETFs") saw a net outflow of $5 billion in September and another $3 billion in October...

This marks six straight months of outflows.

We saw more of the same in November and December. Global gold outflows were $1.8 billion in November and $534 million in December.

The tally is now up to eight straight months of outflows. No one wants gold.

But that's starting to change...

The price of gold is staging a comeback lately. It's up 19% since its run began in November. Take a look...

My subscribers have been hearing about this opportunity for a while... And they've been positioned to profit from gold's recent rise.

In December's Retirement Millionaire, we made the case for gold, claiming that "everyone needs to own gold... especially in bear markets. Buy some today if you haven't already."

And in the issue of Retirement Millionaire published in December, we gave subscribers the ideal asset allocation for today's market. We increased exposure to gold and other chaos hedges to 15% of the hypothetical portfolio.

In my Advanced Options trading service, we closed a trade on Royal Gold (RGLD) for a gain of nearly 84% on January 3. And we most recently made a trade on the SPDR Gold Shares (GLD)... which is showing open gains of 41.5% after just a few weeks.

Finally, we just sold options on a gold fund in the January 13 issue of Retirement Trader. We'll stand to make bond-like returns from our ultra-safe trade.

We've been writing about gold for the past few months... and we've been acting on it. Our timing has worked out.

But I don't want you to think you've missed your opportunity.

I believe there are more gains to come from the precious metal...

You see, the pace of outflows for gold funds has decreased every month since September... from $5 billion, to $3 billion, to $1.8 billion, to less than $1 billion.

Given the rise in the price of gold, investors are starting to believe in the asset again. It wouldn't surprise me if we see net inflows in the month of January.

When an asset is hated and the price is going up, it usually leads to big gains. Folks who were dumping the asset will change their minds and pile back in to chase gains... And the more people who buy, the more prices go up.

Make sure you have exposure to gold today. The best one-click way is through the SPDR Gold Shares.

Here's to our health, wealth, and a great retirement,

Dr. David Eifrig

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