Investing in a Sector That's More Than Science Fiction

My friend Andrew Chanin just started "UFO" – the first fund I'm aware of dedicated to "outer space" investing.

While I can't claim to know much about this sector – I am a fan of Andrew. He often has interesting ideas cooking, and this is his latest...

Andrew spoke at our 2017 Stansberry Conference in Las Vegas. He built up a fund business with more than a billion dollars in assets while still in his 20s. His goal is to help individual investors get onboard big, innovative trends.

Andrew's newest fund is the Procure Space Fund (UFO). Of course, it's not about UFOs or conspiracy theories. It's about investing in the way outer space is quickly transforming our lives...

Last year, venture capitalists invested $3.25 billion into space-technology companies. According to venture fund Seraphim Capital, that was a jump of 29% from the year before.

Today, I'll show you just how big this trend could get...

When Andrew released his new fund, he explained what's possible in space technology. Here's what he said...

The industry is already valued at $384 billion, and estimates project that number to eclipse $1.1 trillion by 2040. Through UFO, investors can now potentially capitalize on this increasingly significant and transformational industry.

In other words, the space industry's value could triple over the next 20 years. That's huge growth potential.

And a lot of it will hit close to home... This might surprise you, but many of the "outer space" investments in UFO are household names – ones at the center of our daily routines.

For example, I wear a watch from tech company Garmin (GRMN) – all the time.

With the help of GPS technology (the satellite-based global positioning system), my Garmin watch gives me an incredible amount of insight about my workouts, my health, and my life. (Heck, I even wear my Garmin watch to track my sleep – thanks to its heart-rate and oxygen sensors.)

This watch keeps track of everything. It knows where I am... how far I run... how high up I go... And it can help me plan my route for almost any activity.

As another example of how satellites are a part of my life... When I travel now, I always end up buying the in-flight Internet service. That Internet connection typically comes from satellites belonging to British company Inmarsat (ISAT.L).

And onboard Wi-Fi is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Inmarsat's satellites do – even just for travelers.

After your plane lands and you reach out for an Uber ride, satellite-based navigation connects you and your driver. Get in the car, and your driver is tuned in to Sirius XM satellite radio.

You get the idea... Space is closer to our daily lives than we think.

Inmarsat and Garmin are two of the top 10 holdings of Andrew's new fund. Sirius XM (SIRI) is not far behind.

UFO also holds many classic defense stocks, such as Lockheed Martin (LMT) and Northrop Grumman (NOC)...

But when I spoke with Andrew last week about his new fund, he explained that it's nothing like your typical defense-stock fund. The weights of the companies in UFO are based on how much revenue is derived from space-related activities... So it truly is an "outer space" fund.

And if you're wondering, there is no financial relationship between Andrew and us. We just like his work.

Again, space investment from venture capitalists reached record levels last year. And reports suggest it will continue to grow.

If investing in space interests you, Andrew's newest fund – UFO – is a simple way to make the trade.

Good investing,


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