The Journey From Good to Great Requires Two Essential Elements

Last week, I got some great news I never expected to hear...

Following routine annual blood work, I learned that my "good" cholesterol levels, also called high-density lipoprotein ("HDL"), had finally moved back into a normal range.

This isn't a big deal for most of you reading this. But for me, getting here was a 30-year journey...

Year after year, my routine annual blood test results were like a broken record... Everything was normal except for my HDL, which was low. That was a problem, because lower levels of HDL are associated with a higher risk of heart disease.

My HDL wasn't low enough to warrant medication. I tried supplements and fish oil pills... But they didn't work. My doctor suggested it was likely hereditary and that there wasn't much I could do to change it.

Then, in early 2019, I got a serious wake-up call. It changed my health. And it contains an important lesson for investors, too...

That year, I came across an article about Tim Russert's death. Russert was the popular moderator of NBC's Meet the Press. Despite living a lifestyle his doctor said would reduce his risk of a heart attack, he still died from one in 2008.

The article referenced Russert's death to make a point: High levels of triglycerides (i.e., fat levels in your bloodstream) in relation to HDL cholesterol can spell big trouble.

I don't have that article anymore, but I remember it suggesting a ratio of 4-to-1 as the "danger zone."

I quickly pulled out my latest blood test results... and calculated my ratio to be 3.3-to-1. I knew right then it was time for bold action...

I started by making changes to my diet. Over the next three years, my test results improved gradually, yet substantially. Today, my ratio of HDL to triglycerides is 1.8-to-1, not 3.3-to-1.

After struggling for three decades to raise my HDL, I finally did it.

Now, I could tell you exactly what I did differently. But the changes that worked for me may not work for everyone. And I'm not telling this story today to convert you to my health routine...

My point is, my good idea – making key dietary changes – produced a great result because of two essential elements: time and proactiveness.

I had the patience to let my dietary changes work their magic over the past few years... And I made these changes as soon as I learned of their potential benefits.

In investing, the same elements pay off. Good ideas take time to generate great results...

And the earlier you act on those good ideas, the better your chances are of earning life-changing returns.

Making extraordinary returns in companies that most investors haven't noticed depends heavily on being proactive, and acting fast. That's the principle we act on in my brand-new newsletter, 10x Investor.

For example, one of our recommendations is pursuing two blockbuster drugs. I can't reveal the name of this company here, out of fairness to my subscribers. But one of its drugs is currently in late-stage medical trials.

Those trials will take time. But if the drug proves successful, it could be the first of its kind to alleviate the suffering of millions of people worldwide.

For the best shot at 10-bagger returns, I told my subscribers that getting in now was critical, before the trial results are reported – and before most investors are tipped off to this company's huge upside potential.

Incidentally, one large and very well-known institutional investor agrees... The firm has tripled its position in this company over the past nine months.

Another of our inaugural recommendations has been creating the next generation of a product we all rely on daily. It has been under development for 14 years... but the company just went public earlier this year.

Some of its customers believe this breakthrough is their only shot at improving the performance of their own next-generation products. But its potential isn't well-known yet. So, we're getting into this gem now, before most investors have a clue who this company is... or what its product is capable of.

Shares have already more than doubled since the company went public. And the share price is hovering near our maximum buy price already – even though the next-generation product is years away.

If this doesn't highlight the importance of time and proactivity, I don't know what will.

These two companies I found for 10x Investor are prime examples of what I've discovered elsewhere in life. Good ideas can produce great results... given the time to play out.

Most important, we as investors need to be proactive about claiming our stake in these rare opportunities ahead of the mainstream. That way, we give ourselves the best chance at making extraordinary returns.

Good investing,

Mike Barrett

P.S. Turning good ideas into extraordinary results is the goal of my new service, 10x Investor. In it, I work to find under-the-radar stocks capable of making you 10 times your money in three to five years... And I focus on getting you into these rare opportunities ahead of most investors to increase your chances of making life-changing returns. I just launched our inaugural issue last week, with 10 open recommendations as I write. To learn how you can gain immediate access, click here to learn more.

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