The World's Best Investment Deal – No Kidding

I'll cut right to it...

Naspers is one of the world's 100 largest stocks – with a market value of $110 billion.

It owns dozens of high-tech businesses in media and e-commerce. One of those businesses is a Chinese tech giant called Tencent (TCEHY). I've written about this company many times... It's one of the fastest-growing companies in the world right now.

Naspers currently owns $154 billion worth of Tencent shares.

So with some simple math, you can see that Naspers' stock sells at a $44 billion discount to its stake in Tencent alone – and you get dozens of other businesses FOR FREE.

While a $44 billion discount sounds great on its own, you might wonder what these other businesses are worth. The answer is, they're worth a lot...

For instance, retail behemoth Walmart (WMT) recently reached out to Naspers. It was interested in Naspers' stake in a tech company called Flipkart, which is like the Amazon of India.

Just two weeks ago, Walmart announced a big deal... Naspers ended up selling its stake in Flipkart to Walmart – for a $1.6 billion profit. (Yes, a $1.6 billion profit, not a $1.6 billion sales price.)

This is just one example of the value of Naspers' other businesses. Naspers is also a world leader in online classifieds (businesses like Craigslist). And it's quickly becoming a leader in food delivery with iFood, a mobile delivery platform in Latin America.

This is barely scratching the surface of what Naspers does.

Naspers' other businesses are mostly private companies, so it's not easy to value them. But if you value them around $20 billion total (which is roughly what analysts say they're worth), and add that to Naspers' $154 billion stake in Tencent, then you have a business that's worth $174 billion today – but that's selling for $110 billion in the stock market.

So Naspers is selling for a $64 billion discount today.

I'm not sure where else on Earth you can get a $64 billion discount on anything. But you can – right now – by buying shares of Naspers.

Naspers is actually a South African company, so its shares primarily trade in South Africa. However, you can buy it over-the-counter in the U.S. with the symbol NPSNY.

I highly recommend you check it out... It might just be the world's best investment deal...

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