This Is a 'Hypergrowth Megatrend' You Don't Want to Miss

Batteries will power the "Roaring 2020s"...

I'm not talking about the old-school AAA batteries that power your TV remote. No... I'm talking about next-generation battery technology. It's the technology that powers your smartphone today... and will power your self-driving electric vehicle (EV) in the future.

Batteries have come a long way since the lithium-ion battery was introduced by Professor John Goodenough in 1980. This type of battery is in nearly every device in your life today.

But the limitations of lithium-ion batteries have led us to a point where we don't just want better technology... we need a breakthrough.

You've heard the stories...

In 2016, videos of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones catching fire and sometimes even exploding went viral. One smoking smartphone even forced a Southwest Airlines flight to abandon takeoff.

Since 1991, the Federal Aviation Administration has reported 191 cases of lithium-ion batteries smoking, catching fire, or exploding in airports or on planes.

We need safer battery technology. Not only that, but we're short on materials for making lithium-ion batteries. Demand for lithium and cobalt is surging, and supply can't keep pace... So prices are skyrocketing.

Higher prices for materials could cause battery costs to soar, ultimately slowing down innovation in the industries that use them.

We're entering what I've called the Roaring 2020s – a decade of technological hypergrowth that's already in motion. And a battery-technology breakthrough isn't just important as this hypergrowth continues...

It's crucial.

As you can see in the Bloomberg chart below, lithium-ion batteries are dominating the stationary battery storage sector in 2021. But that won't be the case for long...

A number of new battery technologies are vying to take over the market. And while we may still be a few years away, a new leader will emerge.

So what should smart investors do?

Get in early.

By investing in the right companies now – the ones at the forefront of this hypergrowth megatrend – you could be looking at life-changing gains in the years ahead.

I'm not the only one who thinks this. Big-money players like Bill Gates and Toyota Motor (TM) already have their hands in the pot, helping fund the technology that may only be a few years away from mass commercial production.

Solid-state batteries are one such area. They're a safer alternative to lithium-ion batteries because they eliminate the risks of fire, explosion, and leakage. And they drastically extend battery life, too.

According to Ilika – a developer of solid-state batteries – a typical smartphone's lifespan could increase to 10 years. (I don't know that I'd want to... but imagine being able to keep your same phone for a decade!)

Of course, longtime readers of my work know I don't like to put all my eggs into one basket. So it's worth keeping a close eye on the other battery breakthroughs making their way through the pipeline.

For example, late last month, two European companies claimed to have created a new type of lithium-ion battery, called a lithium-carbon hybrid. The companies say it can reach a full charge in as little as 90 seconds.

Lithium-sulfur batteries have also captured a lot of attention. Like the other alternatives popping up, they're lighter and cheaper than lithium-ion batteries. No lithium-sulfur batteries have made it to market, though – yet.

I'm keeping my finger on the pulse. We may not know exactly what the ultimate breakout star in the industry will be just yet... but we do know that one is coming.

Lithium-ion batteries alone cannot power the future. In order for next-generation technologies to come to fruition – including many of the hypergrowth megatrends I follow closely – we must have longer-lasting, safer, and higher-density battery technology.

And we will get there. Take a look...

Demand for batteries has been growing. And as you can see above, that should only continue throughout the Roaring 2020s – 10-fold or more.

With that kind of upside, there won't just be one winner... There will be several. Staking a claim in this hypergrowth megatrend early will boost your chances of making life-changing wealth over the long term.

Here's to exponential gains,

Matt McCall

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